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Visibility is our expertise

Onze innovatieve Mobile Billboards zijn specifiek ontworpen om emotie en beleving over te kunnen brengen, op een locatie en in een periode naar keuze. De LedUpp Moving is door ons ontwikkeld op basis van de nieuwste technologie en beschikt over een dubbelzijdige beelddrager hetgeen resulteert in een netto schermoppervlak van 2 x 7 m2. De nieuwste LED-technieken in combinatie met de eigenschappen van het backlit doek en de superieure prints met optimale kleurkracht laten jouw visuals tot leven komen. De LedUpp Moving is duurzaam geproduceerd en kent een zeer gering stroomverbruik en voldoet aan de hoogste milieuklasse.

Wanneer je onze LedUpp Moving inzet, ben je perfectly visible both during the day and in the evening. You can reach a huge number of people within your target group. This is due to the good visibility of our Lightboxes, your visuals seem to jump off the screen. When the backlit fabric is illuminated from behind, it ensures an even light distribution and good light transmission. A perfect print is created by printing of two or three layers including a white layer.

Both with the canvas lighting on and off, the colours come out perfectly. The result is surprising and impressive. The fabric is securely, tightly and seamlessly enclosed by means of a special profile, and can be easily changed.

LedUpp Moving

The LedUpp Moving can be used both while driving and stationary. As an extra option, it is possible to rotate the lightbox on location up to 90 degrees, which guarantees visibility.

Our mission is to provide you with a unique and durable Mobile Billboard, based on the highest possible image quality and the perfect design, placed safely and quickly at the best price-quality ratio.



ca. 3356 mm
3500 x 2000 mm
6750 mm
2200 mm
Total weight:
ca. 3500 kg

TIP! Have a look at our LedUpp Moving on-site, we will exceed your expectations. We are happy to share a reference project in your area.


2 x 7 m2 netto
Image size:
3500 x 2000 mm
View angle:
Connection value:
Max. power:
600 w


Operational up to wind force 6 Beaufort, with the exception of some (coastal) locations up to wind force 4 Beaufort.


  • Twilight switch optional.
  • Lightbox rotatable up to 90 ° on location
  • Own power supply optional.
  • A charging station can also be used by means of a special plug.
  • Standard 2-layer printed, also possibility of 3-layer print for extra colour strength in daylight without using the lighting.
  • 24 / 7 service in case of failure.

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