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Visibility is our expertise

LedUpp is a beginner, a young dynamic newcomer. But we are not unknown. The people behind LedUpp have more than 15 years of experience in the Out Of Home (OOH) market.

Wij weten dus exact wat we doen en hoe we jouw campagne tot een succes kunnen maken. Mobile Billboards zijn niet uniek in de markt, maar onze versies wel. Zowel in specificaties zoals bijvoorbeeld de pixeldichtheid, kleurkracht en maatvoering, maar ook qua design, duurzaamheid en veiligheid. Narrowcasting 2.0 noemen wij dat.


Visibility is our expertise

It may still sound a bit unnatural for a mass medium like Out Of Home, but a notch can increase the impact of the message. We will see it more and more in the coming years: brands that not (only) deploy a complete network for a long period of time, but (only or also) use a few specific screens as a micro medium. By zooming in on time, place, target group and context, you significantly increase the chance of a consumer action, and the waste is small.


Visibility is our expertise

Our mission is to deliver a unique and sustainable Mobile Billboard to you, based on the highest possible image quality and the perfect design, placed safely and quickly and at the best price-quality ratio.

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