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Visibility is our expertise

The world demands a new economy, an economy that contributes to a better world. LedUpp does not stay/lag behind, but takes the lead. With the implementation of the environmental management system NEN-EN-ISO 14001: 2015, we ensure that sustainability is assured in all aspects of business operations: from the moment of engineering our assets to the building in which we work. It is not only a core value of our organization, but also a social obligation towards future generations to always strive for innovative ways to operate, as an organization, as sustainably as possible. Social innovations are at least as important as technical innovations.


The lifespan of our Mobile Billboards is very long, the LED screens themselves are, of course, always subject to increasingly advanced technologies and usually remain at our internal quality level for 5 to 7 years. This has been taken into account in the design, so that the screens are interchangeable and the frame does not need to be replaced. Moreover the LED screens are not thrown away, when replaced, but “refurbished” for a second life. Our high-quality assets consist of various fully recyclable materials, such as high-quality recyclable metal.


Sustainability has been a leading theme at LedUpp since its foundation. That is why we have not only looked at making the production process more sustainable. Also our location contributes to that: in the heart of the Netherlands, directly at the NS (bus) station with the company business premises, built in 2018 according to the most current possibilities of sustainability at all conceivable points. Furthermore, we invest in the awareness of our employees and we set high standards for our suppliers and partners regarding the sustainability and assurance of their business operations.

If everyone is aware of the advantages and returns of acting in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, the actual benefits will be much greater.


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