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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum rental period?

That depends on the product and determines the rental price. Do you need a large format screen for a few hours, for example? Then the LedUpp Moving or LedUpp Truck is extremely suitable. The rental period is (subject to third party restrictions) not bound to a maximum time.

How fast can a LedUpp Mobile Billboard be placed?

The installation takes approximately 45 minutes, our LedUpp Truck or LedUpp Moving can be used immediately upon arrival, or even on the move! If you want to place a screen urgently, please contact us

Pixel pitch: what is it?

A pixel is an image point. A LED screen is made up of a large number of these pixels. These pixels, or therefore image points, in turn consist of one or more LEDs. The distance between the pixels differs per screen. This distance is expressed in "pixel pitch" (P) and displayed in mms. For example: a P4.8 LED screen has a pitch of 4.8mm. The distance between 2 pixels is therefore 4.8 mm in this display.

Why is pixel pitch important?

The pixel pitch determines the total resolution of a LED screen and as a result also the sharpness of the image. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels within the area, and therefore the sharper the image. Depending on the type of content and the viewing distance, this will look sharp or rather crumbly.

LedUpp uses a maximum pixel pitch of 4.8 mm. If you compare this with, for example, 6 mm, which is often common in the market, it seems a small difference, but we are happy to calculate what the difference is; with a net image size of 2000x3500 mm, this means, based on 4.8 mm, a resolution of 416x728 = 302,848 pixels. At 6 mm, the resolution is 333x583 = 194,333 pixels.

That saves 108,515 pixels, which translates into a much sharper image.

Is a license required to place a Mobile Billboard?

LedUpp will check with you whether a permit is required. If this is the case, we can request it for you. We completely relieve you from this.

Do you also place abroad?

Yes, because our Mobile Billboards are TÜV tested in accordance with DIN EN 13814, they can be used without any problems in, for example, Germany or France.

What kind of files can I handle on the LED screens?

Our LED screens can display various files, both video files and static images. Keep in mind that video files should not be a nuisance or danger to traffic or local residents. LedUpp is happy to advise you.

Does LedUpp also take care of the design of the content?

Yes, we can take care of that, our experienced specialists can arrange this perfectly for you.

Can I change the content or provide a schedule during my campaign?

The LED screens can show what you want. Do you want a different message in the morning than in the evening rush hour? LedUpp arranges it for you! We can set the content based on time, temperature and even on the basis of passers-by. Changing materials and content planning is, therefore, possible. If you want to change material last-minute, we will handle this as soon as possible. With the LedUpp Light Box it is also possible to change the content during the campaign.

Do you have any tips for formatting content?

Put your creativity in context-dependent expressions!

Of course you can still use (Digital) Out Of Home to get a general message across to a wide audience. But do you really want to stand out or score with a specific target group? Let your creative team brainstorm smart links with simple external (non-personal) data factors, such as weather, traffic, news or planned events. DOOH offers opportunities to respond to the state of mind of passing consumers and it is ideal for communication with a wink. With a relevant, smart and / or funny advertisement you are guaranteed to stand out!

You can find further (technical) tips in our Mobile Billboards delivery specifications.


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