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Turned into a war zone within 30 seconds.

“Suddenly there was that whistle: less than thirty seconds later, Leersum is a war zone.” This headline could be read in an article by the AD, concerning the recent fall wind in the Utrecht (NL) village of Leersum. Such scenes may be exceptional, but the fact is they are increasing. In 2018, the Frumona crates flew over the A12 due to heavy wind gusts of more than 120 kilometers per hour. In August 2019, part of the roof construction of the AZ stadium in Alkmaar (NL) collapsed and in 2020 we had 4 storms in the space of 2 weeks in The Netherlands. 

The risk of damage and injury increases and it is therefore important to anticipate and not wait. Precisely such conditions have been the starting point for us in the development of our products. 

When you use public space or publicly accessible terrain, safety must be optimally guaranteed at all times. You must have done everything you can to avoid possible damage and injury. You do this by developing something according to globally applied standards, tested and approved by an independent organization such as in our case the TÜV Nord from Germany.

Because imagine that you are renting a mobile advertising object for promotion at your company or at your event and a gust of wind will hit your location. Of course you can't rule out anything in life, but you also don't want to take risks that you can easily rule out. Don't just think of personal injury or financial damage, but also reputational damage or worse. There are plenty of examples to give of events that have come to an end due to serious safety situations in which people have lost their lives.

Of course, it is not only the constructive side that constitutes safety, the electrotechnical aspects and the skills of the employees and the equipment at their disposal also play a role in this. The forces of such natural disasters are great and are often underestimated. At the same time, this also makes the challenge of developing something that can withstand this.

The weather changes, we change with it.