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Visibility is our expertise

Our Mobile Billboards have a wide range of application, for both indoor and outdoor, at home and abroad.

For example, while retail and automotive industries use our LED screens and Lightboxes to influence sales, in the cultural sector our products are regularly used to raise awareness of social issues in the community.

On the other hand, the application for municipalities and government agencies is mainly aimed at informing citizens about municipal campaigns or to facilitate election statements at high-quality, but at the same time certainly also aiming at a bit of city marketing.

In addition, the Mobile Billboards are frequently used at (sport) events to convey a very certain message to visitors (LedUpp Lightbox) or to communicate dynamic content (live) (LedUpp Vision).

By adding our Mobile Billboards to your communication mix, you make an impact! Below is a selection of our already carried out projects.

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