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LedUpp Nieuws

Event communication has never been more important.

The event industry has come to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Slowly, plans are being made again to be able to receive the public in a safe way, the so-called flow events are already loose again. Never before has communication with the public been so important.

Everyone knows them, the signs with reference to the first aid, the coin sale, the emergency exit, et cetera. It is a true spectacle of communication, with advertisements and sponsorships, programs house rules and so on. How are you going to bring peace to this as an organization? How are you going to attract the attention of your target group as a sponsor? How not to lose the visitor's attention? How do you ensure that you keep control over visitor flows?

You do this by making smart use of the senses of your visitors. By communicating only the information that is relevant at that time at that location. Our LED screens are the ideal assets to use for this. Real-time communication in the form of large narrowcasting and LED screens. 

If it is a warm afternoon, you can respond immediately. Around dinner time you can indicate where you can go for a nice snack (when this is arranged properly, queues/waiting times can also be reduced), or communicate that on stage X a great artist is about to start his performance. The possibilities are endless. Streaming live images is also possible, possibly with sound.

Sponsors want to stand out, but you don't want an overkill of sponsorship expressions? “Less is more”, that also applies to the event area. Moreover, you create a level playing field and challenge your sponsors to use all the creativity that can be applied. By applying a slideshow, you can regularize sponsor expressions.

In addition to the above applications, our LED screens can also be used for crowd control. Real-time communication is also very important for this theme in order to respond to irregularities: the public can be informed/instructed in emergency situations and the crowd can be guided in the right direction. If it becomes too busy at a certain location, you can immediately anticipate this, which prevents you from having problems.

A condition for real-time communication is that operators must be ready during the event to control all content. We can also facilitate this.

Our LedUpp Vison has been tested by TÜV Nord in accordance with DIN EN 13814 and therefore meets all requirements to be used safely at an event surrounded by the public, worldwide.

We take communication and advertising at your event to the next level. Feel free to contact us without obligation for more information, for sound advice, we are happy to think along with you.