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A challenging combination, the development of the LedUpp Vision.

The safety equals a roller coaster, the appearance equals that of design street furniture and the quality equals a screen in a store, or just a little better.

The idea seemed simple, a high-quality mobile LED screen that can be placed freely on the ground, resistant to high wind pressure. During the development of the concept, a number of things were fixed for us; there had to be a modern and attractively designed set-up, the whole had to meet the highest security requirements, the quality of the content display had to be of the highest level and everything had to be optimally sustainable. A challenging combination of requirements that had to be balanced with an acceptable production price. A simple idea turned out to be a difficult task, but one with a unique result. 

After about a year of development, a beautiful design has emerged. The set-up should be subordinate to the advertiser's content, but also be aesthetically pleasing to the street scene. Don't distract, but seduce. Minimalist, with maximum constructive strength.

In terms of durability, a TÜV certification has been chosen in accordance with a safety standard that is applied to roller coasters and ferris wheels in Germany. This is one of the strictest, if not the most rigorous technical inspections in the world. This allows us to offer our customers a safety guarantee that is simply not offered by anyone at the moment, we can place our LED screens abroad, including Germany, in busy places with a large audience. A lot of temporary advertising objects are placed in (public) space, from now on we offer assets in which safety is optimally guaranteed and can never be discussed.

The quality of the content display is of such a level that it is not yet offered in the market at the moment. Absolute quality of the highest level.

Sustainability is one of the core values ​​of LedUpp, all materials that are used are recyclable, everything is of such a high level that it is made to last for a long time. You don't build such an expensive construction to replace it after 8 years. The LED screens are of course subject to technological developments. When these no longer meet our quality requirements, they are replaced, but the screens can then still be used for other purposes and are given a second life.e leven.

Construction is now in full swing, and we would like to share the first images. Advertisers will soon be able to assess whether we have succeeded in meeting our objectives. We look forward to it with confidence. 

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